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In Her Studio Magazine - Nov/Dec/Jan 2021

In Her Studio Magazine - Nov/Dec/Jan 2021
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Volume 3 Issue 2

Inside each new issue of In Her Studio Magazine, you will be inspired with the spaces and stories of creative women. No matter what you make with your own hands or where you make it, hopefully you will find inspiration, advice, and encouragement withing these pages that you can apply to your own creative practice. See the studios of Tanya Folwell; Kristin; Drew Kleinhen K'era Morgan; Sarah Jane Tart; and Holly McSweeny. In this issue Featured Articles include: Soul of the South by Jane Peet; Go with the Flow by Silke Van Elsen; Floral Poetry in an 1890 Farmhouse by Helana Coulter; The Nomadic Artist by Jennifer Lorton; A British Weaving Nest by Alice Hume; The Marine Maximalist by Sofie Hayes; My Woodshed Studio by Oksana Pero; Creative Colorful Chaos by Lora Zawisa; Claiming My Space by Mary Singleton; Pivoting Through the Pandemic by Brianna Fano; Unleashing my Creativity by Kadine Christie; A Nostalgic Life in a Modern World by Alicia Bint; and From Corporate Life to Flower Life by Michelle Fitts. In Her Studio Magazine - Nov/Dec/Jan 2021.

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