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Wild About You - Mama Giraffe & Sloth - PATTERN by McKenna Ryan

eQuilter Wild About You - Mama Giraffe & Sloth - PATTERN by McKenna Ryan

US$ 15.50 / each


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Mama Giraffe & Sloth ONLY

In this applique pattern, an adorable sloth hangs from the neck of a mother giraffe. Combine with other "Wild About You" patterns to make finished quilt. Material requirements include: 1/8 yard for flower; 1/4 yard for sloth fur and face; 1/4 yard for giraffe head ; 1/8 yard for giraffe ears and eyes; 1/8 yard for sloth mouth, bangs, and eyes; 1/8 yard for sloth forehead and hands; 1/8 yard for giraffe lips; 1/8 yard for sloth nose, eye, nostrils and eyelashes; 1/8 yard for flower stem & leaves; 1/8 yard for sloth nose highlight; 1/8 yard for giraffe nose and tongue; 1/8 yard for giraffe ear, face & nose; 1/8 yard for giraffe eyes, sloth mouth & eyes; 1/8 yard for giraffe mouth, and sloth chin & hands; 1/4 yard for sloth body, face, forehead and arms; 1/8 yard for giraffe mane and ossicone tips; 1/2 yard for giraffe body and face; 2-1/8 yard of 18" wide lightweight fusible web; recommended using The Applique Pressing Sheet (eQuilter Product BTAPPRES). 'Mama Giraffe & Sloth' applique pattern from the 'Wild About You' collection by McKenna Ryan.

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