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The Chocolate Conspiracy - Blackberry Ginger - 73% Cacao

eQuilter The Chocolate Conspiracy - Blackberry Ginger - 73% Cacao
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AJ Wentworth, a holistic health counselor, set out to create a raw chocolate that would live up to our high standards. He produces in tiny batches using raw local honey in place of sugar, and we feel his bars are the best raw chocolate in the industry.
An 18 year aged blackberry balsamic vinegar is infused into the chocolate. The fruity taste is rounded out with a hint of ginger.
In India, Ginger is called the "universal spice" because it is said to balance all body types and carry health benefits.
Bean-to-bar artisan chocolate crafted with organic, unroasted, sing-origin Peruvian cacao beans and sweetened with raw unfiltered Honey - preserving cacao's complex nutritional benefits and resulting in a milder chocolate.
73% Cacao.

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