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Quilting Arts Magazine - Spring 2024.

eQuilter Quilting Arts Magazine - Spring 2024.

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Spring 2024

In this issue themed 'Exquisite Artistry in Fabric and Thread', Quilting Arts Magazine introduces their new consulting editor, Brandy Maslowski! She will bring her knowledge of quilting to offer a fresh perspective to the craft. In the article 'Block-Printed and Stitched' is a highlight on using Evolon CR which eQuilter is proud to stock in sample packs (eQuilter Product: EVOL5811), artist packs of 22" x 30" cuts (eQuilter Product: EVOL5830) and 40" wide by-the-yard (eQuilter Product: EVOL40YD). Also highlighted is the article 'It's Not Just a Sharp Blade' featuring many of the newest cutting tools on the market which we stock deep here at eQuilter!
From Design & Stitch: Quilt Like an Artist: Landscape Elements of Design by Sarah Lykins Entsminger; Working with Sheers by Jenny K. Lyon; Block-Printed and Stitched by Mel Beach; Apiary Applique - Turn a Photograph into Fiber Art by Karen Fricke; It's Not Just a Sharp Blade by Kristin Barrus; Add Wired Accents for 3-D Fun by Margarita Korioth; Landscapes Revisited - Collage and Paint Your Favorite Vistas by Jane Haworth; Fabric Haiku - Create Small Quilts that Honor This Intentional Poetry by Margaret Abramshe. In Profile & Gallery: In the Spotlight with Lisa Thorpe; Quilt Festival Winners - A gallery of top quilts from the 2023 Judged Show; It Is Your Grandmother's Quilt - How Women of a Certain Age Have Shaped the Modern Quilt Movement by Frances O'Roark Dowell; Readers Challenge Invitational: Part 1 - A Gallery of Select Quilts from our contributors; Beyond the Mirror - A SAQA Global Exhibition; Get It Done! - Results from the 'Good Intentions' Readers Challenge.

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