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Patchwork Professional Magazine - February 2024

eQuilter Patchwork Professional Magazine - February 2024

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Text is in GERMAN

The Patchwork Professional magazine has been exploring the topics of quilting and textile art for more than 10 years. Here you can find the information about diverse textile and art industry as well as the introduction to new techniques and materials suitable for advanced and professional users. In this issue: Roxane Lessa - Curves and Strong Colors; Hedda Wright - Loves the Challenge; My Favorite Quilt by Alexandra Kingswell; Jane Sanders - Sewing and Music; Marion Caspers - My Travels; Allison James - Art of Improv; Mary Beth Bellah - A Project Has To Mature; Eileen McNulty - Irish Landscapes; Velvet Paws and Art by Laurie Russman; Working with the Viewfinder by Norma Slabbert; and Making of: Merlot Eucalyptus Undergrowth by Eileen McNulty. Patchwork Professional German Magazine - 02/2024 Issue.

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